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OSHO Ki6 Meditation Center is the outcome of some of its promoters' individual growth process in the field of meditation and of natural self-healing. The pleasure of sharing with other people the beneficial effects this path of well-Being has been producing on us has been the main driving force for the creation of this space.

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Next dates :

Friday, march 21th at 8PM
in Venice Lido
OSHO Ki6 Meditation Center
*OSHO's enlightenment celebration*
Evening Meditation

Saturday, march 23th
in Ravenna
Il Centro del Cerchio
via Cerchio 21 · Ravenna

Meditation Day
with Vartan

Sunday, march 23th
in Bologna
Stalla delle Meraviglie AICE
Garavaglia Street n.5 · Bologna
Quartiere San Donato

Meditation Day
with Leela

Sunday, march 30th
in Venice Lido
OSHO Ki6 Meditation Center
Family Constellation Day
with Vartan

Sunday, april 6th
in Venice Lido
OSHO Ki6 Meditation Center
Meditation Day
with Leela



… a free translation of our name into English could be:
Do you know who you are?"

Human beings have always pursued an inner quest whenever the unavoidable question:
"Who am I?"
surfaced to their conscience.

In ancient China the word KI meant life energy source. Since then, in the Oriental tradition the concept of KI (vital energy) has been largely used in the fields of medicine and martial arts and in many other aspects of life. We chose to include this word - KI - and its range of meanings in our name so that it could entail one of the possible, however partial, answers to this question:"You are KI", that is, you are and we all are Vital Energy...


winter time

monday - wednesday
at 6.30 pm

Please, confirm your presence
by the morning of the same day
sending us an sms or an email or calling

OSHO active techniques
naturally lead us to inner listening and to reconnecting ourselves with our essence through a well tested process of catharsis and help us release psychophysical tensions and repressions.

We will be waiting for you
in our completely refurbished hall of Rivamare Hotel , just across the beach of Venice Lido.

In this new bright and sunny space, the
OSHO Meditation Center Ki6 welcome all those who wish to contact themselves through meditation so to experience an inner growth as well as a transformational holiday. Once here, you will be surrounded by a cozy beach hotel atmosphere. You will also have the chance of being only 15 minutes away from Venice historical center; an experience that will harmoniously combine with OSHO Ki6 activities and make you feel among friends.

residential groups and monthly meetings for the personal growth, trainings and seminars to practice and teach bio-natural techniques and disciplines, meditation days and other activities for the global well-being.


we'll be glad to spend some time with you
and share our experience


To make it clearer we should explain that our Italian name is based on a play on words,
because "6" in Italian is read "sei", which also means "You are", while KI is pronounced
in the same way as "chi", which means "Who?"; so our name means "Who are you?"
but it also provides a possible answer to this question:
"You are KI" ("6KI").

"These meditation techniques are a preparation to drop effort, conditioning.
Real meditation happens one day on its own.
But first effort is required,
initial effort is essential.." OSHO

"Creativity means
loving whatsoever you do--enjoyining, celebrating it,
as a gift of God!

Remember, creativity has nothing to do with any particular work. Creativity has something to do with the quality of your consciousness.
Whatsoever you do
can become creative.."

"Ki6" Cultural association for social promotions.

Lungomare Marconi 45 | Venice Lido 30126 VE | 0039 331 8839877 | info@oshoki6.com


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